MOCHA prostate cancer symposium forges new ground [video]



Prostate cancer is no exception to health disparity trends: African-American men are twice as likely as their white counterparts to die of prostate cancer. That’s what makes the US Preventive Services Task Force’s recent declaration that the test is unnecessary so troubling. Even if the screening is inadvisable for the general population, it’s only common sense that the advice for subgroups dying at much higher rates could be quite different. In its statement, The task force does acknowledge that disparities exist, but by dismissing the trend with the standard line, “we need more research,” the Task Force gives new meaning to the expression, “adding insult to injury.”

On Friday June 15th, MOCHA (Men of Color Health Awareness, a project of the Springfield YMCA) convened its first major symposium to deal with this issue and other dimensions of prostate cancer and health disparities head on. We are  proud to be a lead partner (along with many others, click on flyer above). Free admission and parking, free breakfast and lunch, two bands (gospel and Latin), simultaneous Spanish translation. RSVP here. Great media coverage from La Voz and The Valley Advocate. And see what else we’ve done with MOCHA here.


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