It’s “City Week” (at Harvard, not here)


If you were on the campus of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government this week (and next), you’d have the benefit of “City Week.” These three sessions are particularly relevant for Springfield:

  • Innovations in Government: Revitalizing a Community through EducationSeminar with Kingsport, Tennessee’s Higher Education Program. Come hear how Kingsport reversed a downturning manufacturing-based economy and launched a successful ‘Educate and Grow’ campaign to attract new business investment by upgrading the quality of its workforce. This initiative won the Innovations in American Government Award in 2009.
  • Post Racial America: The Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative. IOP Fellow The Honorable Greg Nickels, Former Mayor of Seattle, WA hostsspecial guest Mickey Fearn, Deputy Director of the National Parks Service in Washington, D.C. and former Director, Seattle Race and Social Justice Initiative
  • Geography, Venture Capital, and Public Policy: Can Publicly Supported Entrepreneurship Succeed? Josh Lerner, Schiff Professor of Investment Banking, Harvard Business School

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