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  • ProstateSymp6

    MOCHA prostate cancer symposium forges new ground [video]

    EVENT PHOTO ALBUM Prostate cancer is no exception to health disparity trends: African-American men are twice as likely as their white counterparts to die of prostate cancer. That’s what makes the US Preventive Services Task Force’s recent declaration that the test is unnecessary so troubling. […]

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  • Screen Shot 2012-03-29 at 9.22.57 AM

    MA 3 Strikes Bill: “Get Tough” or Mass Incarceration?

    Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by   Everyone’s watching Florida right now. Trayvon Martin’s death was the result of overzealous and irrational public safety policy (Florida’s “Stand Your Ground Law”). Something similar is happening in Massachusetts. State senators and representatives, increasingly focused on […]

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  • McDonald's Pageantry, Holyoke 2009

    Food Desert Update: The McDonald’s Edition

    [UPDATE: Don’t miss this: “Ronald McDonald brings his Friendship Adventure to Westfield’s Highland elementary School,” Masslive, 1/18/12] This invitation to the “Grand Reopening” of the McDonald’s in the North End (right) was sent on the same day it was reported that the wonderful Indian restaurant, […]

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