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    Local Media Struggles to Understand Segregation

    Springfield City Councilor Bud Williams is to thank for broaching a tough topic: Racial segregation and inequality in the Pioneer Valley. But local media outlets Masslive and WFCR/NEPR are struggling to get the central facts straight. Masslive initially reported that Springfield was ranked number one […]

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  • McDonald's Pageantry, Holyoke 2009

    Food Desert Update: The McDonald’s Edition

    [UPDATE: Don’t miss this: “Ronald McDonald brings his Friendship Adventure to Westfield’s Highland elementary School,” Masslive, 1/18/12] This invitation to the “Grand Reopening” of the McDonald’s in the North End (right) was sent on the same day it was reported that the wonderful Indian restaurant, […]

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  • DSC_0375

    New research: Bike paths increase property values

    But what if you can’t get to the bike path from your property, even when you’re right across the street, thanks to a giant cement wall? Welcome to “Riverside Road” (you also can’t get to the river). The University of Cincinnati study is available here. […]

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